The Flip

Your blueprint for financial independence.

What if money simply wasn’t an issue in your life?

The Flip is a blueprint for financial independence using a structured personal finance system and passive income.

The 1st edition is now available on Teia for 10 XTZ.

What is The Flip?

With a plan, the ability to execute it and the virtue of time, you can take control over your economy and create a passive income stream that supports your way of life, without having to work for money ever again. But long before this you can eliminate the negative aspects and anxiety money often creates and only see it as a positive enabler, just like it is.

The Flip is an e-book bought as an NFT on Teia. After you've bought the NFT you can download the PDF through the IPFS link on the bottom of the product page. After this you can read it as any other PDF on a suitable device.

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The Flip is a Two-Stage Method for Financial Independence

The Flip is a plan designed to get you to financial independence through passive income. It details how to do so in two main stages:

1. Take total control over your economy and design it to support your desired lifestyle – while still have money left to invest for your future self.

2. Design and build a perpetual, ever growing passive income machine that can support your chosen lifestyle.

The Flip will guide you through both of these stages, step by step, with suggestions for how to create habits and processes to make sure that you stick to what you want for yourself. By doing so you’ll also get a structured way of deciding and communicating with others about your finances – something that will eliminate almost all friction money creates.

Why an NFT?

The Flip is sold as a NFT on Teia which is on the Tezos blockchain.

While words themselves can be very powerful, NFT’s on a blockchain allows us to prove ownership in a decentralized and permissionless environment. This opens up possibilities for creators to connect with the buyers of a work beyond a mere transaction.